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Site facelift!

This summer has been an exceptionally busy one! The latest bit of work to roll off the production line is a revamp for this site. It used to have a webstore but has gone without one for a long time. Somewhat died a bit after the Mac that held the iWeb files blew up meaning it was next to impossible to update it any more!! The site had to be dropped or fixed completely from scratch - and we took the opportunity to put a shiny new download webstore on it whilst we were at it. And here it finally is! Over time we’ll add a lot more ‘editorial’ stuff we hope, make it more current and release a fair bit of new material too. But this has been a huge effort so give us a bit of time to get that all moving. We’re doing updates to virtually all our sites so it’s far from over but we will be a long way forward once it’s all done. Any we hope you like it and find it a lot better than the one it’s replaced.