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The Industrial Revolution begins!

We’re delighted to announce the first of our 13-part Industrial Revolution series of sample libraries. These are each large ‘song kit’ style sample libraries, based around one common theme and demo track and expanding on that so you can get a very good idea of the sounds featured from the demo track. Also the libraries will all be in the 200-odd megabyte size range and they each only cost $10, so are extremely affordable. Check product info for specifics. Future volumes will be released at regular intervals, but the revolution starts here!

Lukecage returns to clean up the streets!

Lukecage has released his penultimate sample library, a two-part collection entitled ‘Cleaning up the Streets’ that’s currently available in WAV format and will be available in Apple Loops and a REX version here very soon, so stay tuned. Each volume is instantly downloadable and costs just $29 - check the listings on-line for full details and demos.