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New REX libraries released

We’re delighted to announce the additional of two new sample libraries in REX format! The hugely popular Abracatabla produced by Talvin Singh and a huge library of more percussion from Pascal’s Bongo Massive in two parts - Most Wanted Beats! Please find full details, audio and downloadable demos, prices start at just $19 too.

Beat Producer VIP Access-All-Areas!

Want tons of the highest quality loops in a virtual instrument like a super-charged Dr. REX player? Then you owe it to yourself to check out Beat Producer at

Lukecage's final chapter… Rest In Peace… Three Vols out now...

The final Lukecage sample library, a three-part collection aptly entitled ‘Rest In Peace’ is out and in a REX version here now - It’s also available in WAV and Apple Loops on too. This final collection follows his customary song kit format but with far more parts and breakdowns to make his last the most flexible he ever released. Each volume is instantly downloadable and costs just $39, other formats are $29 btw - check the listings on-line for full details and demos. RIP Lukecage...

Industrial Revolution Vols 4 & 5 out now!

With the release of two more $10 slices, Volumes 4 & 5 are both available now for instant download! Entitled Outsource and Red Machine you can now check out the demos and grab both of them if you like what you hear. Each includes all the samples in the demo track and much more. All the loops are presented in WAV, REX and Apple Loops formats.

Lukecage is 'Cleaning up the Streets' in REX!

As previously announced the REX version of the latest Lukecage release is now available for instant download!

The Industrial Revolution contines!

With the release of two more $10 slices, Volumes 2 & 3 are both available now for instant download! Entitled Fusion and Reconnection you can now check out the demos and grab both of them if you like what you hear. Each includes all the samples in the demo track and much more. All the loops are presented in WAV, REX and Apple Loops formats.

The Industrial Revolution begins!

We’re delighted to announce the first of our 13-part Industrial Revolution series of sample libraries. These are each large ‘song kit’ style sample libraries, based around one common theme and demo track and expanding on that so you can get a very good idea of the sounds featured from the demo track. Also the libraries will all be in the 200-odd megabyte size range and they each only cost $10, so are extremely affordable. Check product info for specifics. Future volumes will be released at regular intervals, but the revolution starts here!

Lukecage returns to clean up the streets!

Lukecage has released his penultimate sample library, a two-part collection entitled ‘Cleaning up the Streets’ that’s currently available in WAV format and will be available in Apple Loops and a REX version here very soon, so stay tuned. Each volume is instantly downloadable and costs just $29 - check the listings on-line for full details and demos.

Lukecage's Big Pill & Xtreme Breakdown out now in REX format

There seems to be no end to the slammin’ hip hop beats still emerging from the creative skills of hip hop guru Lukecage. This month sees the release of yet another two libraries in REX format for your delectation. The Big Pill follows the usual song kit format with typically 4 parts to each groove featured. The Xtreme Breakdown however lives up to it’s name and typically give you 7-8 parts to each groove instead to give you even more chance than ever to examine each groove’s DNA!

Complete Celt Coming Soon - but not in REX format!

Our hugely popular Complete Celt: Ballads, Airs & Laments is coming out soon but not in REX format. Because of the loose, Olde World nature of this library it wasn’t possible to produce a REX version that worked but instead we stuck to the more stretchy ACID and Apple Loops formats which work much better. However we thought we should mention it here as it’s likely to interest many of you and you might miss it if we neglect to find a way to mention it! It will come out in two parts ‘Songs’ and ‘Solos’ and should hit the streets well before the end of April. It will be available in Apple Loops or ACIDized WAV format from

Lukecage's Metropolis now available in REX format!

Lukecage’s Metropolis library, previously only available as a native library for Beat Producer, is now also available as 4 volumes in REX format ranging from $20-29 per volume. Volume 1 is also available in WAV format from

Six more new REX libraries from Lukecage!

Check out the latest new REX releases from Lukecage - The Trilogy of Thump & Urban Renewal - more superb hip hop beats for Reason and more!

3 more new releases in REX format

We’re delighted to announce the addition of Tony Mason…Steamin’ and Black II Black Vols 3&4 to our ever-expanding selection of REX files. More exciting new releases will follow hot on their heels soon.

Three new Lukecage releases - out now!

Lukecage our resident hip hop guru is back with another three hot new libraries in REX and WAV versions. Two volumes of The Kitchen Sink and Trademark Hip Hop are all available for instant download at just $39 in format here!

Freak Box - new REX library - out now!

Freak Box is the brand new sample library from DJ Harsh aka Oliver Wüst and Ralf Nötzel - a massive collection of around 2200 loops and samples with no fillers. All bar a small handful of one-shot sounds are presented in REX format. Following on where his Sample Messiah library left off this library once again is a gold mine of modern, underground european dance samples fresh from club dance floors of Berlin. Available in three parts for $39 or all three for $99 it’s available now for instant download here!

Remix II now available via download!

Hot on the heels of Remix! itself are the WAV and REX versions of Remix II: First Among Sequels! Once again the winning mix of commercial drum loops, dance samples and DJ Tools are including making this another valuable addition to your sample library.

Killer Vocals Vol 1 now available in REX & WAV

The classic AMG vocals library Black II Black Killer Vocals Vol 1 from McIntosh & Charles is available now in WAV and REX formats. The REX version includes the WAV versions too as some of the melodic vocal hooks are virtually impossible to REX smoothly.

Grab Beat Producer Solo - FREE!

Beat Producer Solo iso

We’re delighted to announce the introduction of Beat Producer Solo - a FREE, one rack version of Beat Producer designed to give people the chance to try out the Beat Producer editing system and access the high quality AMG Expansion Libraries without the need to buy Beat Producer itself. Please visit our dedicated page for full details of BP Solo.

Beat Producer out now!

All REX fans should know about Beat Producer! Not only do it’s 8 racks load REX files but also Apple Loops and ACIDized WAV files and allow you to conduct some extreme editing and apply real-time processing and performance features to bring your loop library to life! There are also a great selection of Expansion Libraries to choose from to rapidly expand your loop options. Possibly best of all there are demo versions of Beat Producer and even a FREE version called Beat Producer Solo that you can grab for yourself so what are you waiting for? For full details, to download demo versions and find out how to get Solo please visit!

Two brand new libraries available in REX format

News of two more new releases...

New REX File Libraries now available! now has 6 new REX libraries available for instant download! Read More...