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A word about quality... and a bit of history!

Please don't misunderstand. These are not the latest on-trend releases that are churned out relentlessly today by the few remaining professional sample library developers left. These are many of the finest libraries from years or even decades ago that pioneered the pro sample business. Most stand the test of time because they were done over time, using the finest facilities and produced by some of the legends of the music industry. Technology moved on and making samples this way has, on that basis at least, become impossible. We stopped when it became impossible rather than compromise, repeat ourselves or make huge virtual instruments. Our model was always to make samples for musicians, using the finest in the industry. They are busy people and it was always a challenge to get them to complete a CD-sized sample library. That is the realistic limit. We feel that our libraries, the same way as much of the best music does, stands the test of time and in many ways still sets the bar that we could not and few if any have been able to reach since these sorts of projects became impossible to undertake. It's a shame because there's no doubt more that could have been done and it would certainly have been fun - but at least you can still access these libraries and use sounds that people just cannot make these days. Fashions and trends move on, but quality is timeless.

Complete Celt Coming Soon - but not in REX format!

Our hugely popular Complete Celt: Ballads, Airs & Laments is coming out soon but not in REX format. Because of the loose, Olde World nature of this library it wasn’t possible to produce a REX version that worked but instead we stuck to the more stretchy ACID and Apple Loops formats which work much better. However we thought we should mention it here as it’s likely to interest many of you and you might miss it if we neglect to find a way to mention it! It will come out in two parts ‘Songs’ and ‘Solos’ and should hit the streets well before the end of April. It will be available in Apple Loops or ACIDized WAV format from

Lukecage's Metropolis now available in REX format!

Lukecage’s Metropolis library, previously only available as a native library for Beat Producer, is now also available as 4 volumes in REX format ranging from $20-29 per volume. Volume 1 is also available in WAV format from

Lukecage's Big Pill & Xtreme Breakdown out now in REX format

There seems to be no end to the slammin’ hip hop beats still emerging from the creative skills of hip hop guru Lukecage. This month sees the release of yet another two libraries in REX format for your delectation. The Big Pill follows the usual song kit format with typically 4 parts to each groove featured. The Xtreme Breakdown however lives up to it’s name and typically give you 7-8 parts to each groove instead to give you even more chance than ever to examine each groove’s DNA!

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