REX Files for Reason, Logic, Cubase & more - REX1 & REX2

We Released The World's 1st REX File Library

First & Foremost

Propellerhead's introduction of the REX format revolutionized looping. Prior to that samplists were forced to use loops at their original tempo or spend a huge amount of time and energy using primitive tools to manually chop up loops and paste them back together again. ReCycle changed all this by offering a far easier to use program that allowed one person to do a little work and transform a fixed loop into a fairly flexible one. Thus releasing musicians from the tempo restrictions they'd previous had to be slaves to. Overnight sample libraries became infinitely more usable. AMG were the first people to release sample libraries in these amazing new formats and enhance their already legendary sample libraries. Those libraries are still just as inspiring today as they were all those years ago and most of them are still available here for instant download. New ones are still released from time to time but more effort is being put into using the technology in our own software instruments - to continue to bring loops to life the way the format always has.