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Lukecage's final chapter… Rest In Peace… Three Vols out now...

The final Lukecage sample library, a three-part collection aptly entitled ‘Rest In Peace’ is out and in a REX version here now - It’s also available in WAV and Apple Loops on too. This final collection follows his customary song kit format but with far more parts and breakdowns to make his last the most flexible he ever released. Each volume is instantly downloadable and costs just $39, other formats are $29 btw - check the listings on-line for full details and demos. RIP Lukecage...

Lukecage is 'Cleaning up the Streets' in REX!

As previously announced the REX version of the latest Lukecage release is now available for instant download!

Lukecage returns to clean up the streets!

Lukecage has released his penultimate sample library, a two-part collection entitled ‘Cleaning up the Streets’ that’s currently available in WAV format and will be available in Apple Loops and a REX version here very soon, so stay tuned. Each volume is instantly downloadable and costs just $29 - check the listings on-line for full details and demos.

Lukecage's Metropolis now available in REX format!

Lukecage’s Metropolis library, previously only available as a native library for Beat Producer, is now also available as 4 volumes in REX format ranging from $20-29 per volume. Volume 1 is also available in WAV format from

Lukecage's Big Pill & Xtreme Breakdown out now in REX format

There seems to be no end to the slammin’ hip hop beats still emerging from the creative skills of hip hop guru Lukecage. This month sees the release of yet another two libraries in REX format for your delectation. The Big Pill follows the usual song kit format with typically 4 parts to each groove featured. The Xtreme Breakdown however lives up to it’s name and typically give you 7-8 parts to each groove instead to give you even more chance than ever to examine each groove’s DNA!

Six more new REX libraries from Lukecage!

Check out the latest new REX releases from Lukecage - The Trilogy of Thump & Urban Renewal - more superb hip hop beats for Reason and more!

Three new Lukecage releases - out now!

Lukecage our resident hip hop guru is back with another three hot new libraries in REX and WAV versions. Two volumes of The Kitchen Sink and Trademark Hip Hop are all available for instant download at just $39 in format here!