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"...this library is built to be exploited...Used properly, these sounds are one of the secrets of modern dance music."

These are the sorts of ReFills we'll never see the like of again. Produced in another era but still as relevant today as they ever were. Grab some of the personal sounds of some music icons now...

Vince Clarke Lucky Bastard Erasure Sample CD ReFill
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"Five Stars in every category." - Keyboard, USA

Vince Clarke, Lucky Bastard Demo

Vince Clarke, Lucky Bastard
A huge collection of sequences specially created by Vince using his massive collection of classic analogue synths. Either grab whole sequences or chop them up and re-sequence them yourself for the ultimate in creative, fast creative sampling. Many totally synth-generated unique drum loops, one of Vince's trademarks - each broken down into elements for easy customisation and extraction of single hits. Synths featured include Roland System 100, System 700, ARP 2600, Moogs, SCI Pro One, Korg Poly Fusion, VCS3, Serge, Obie, Xpander, and more, many modular synths are crosspatched for maximum creativity. A comprehensive collection of multisamples, plus all the samples from Erasure's last 'Chorus' tour are featured. The ultimate analogue sample CD by the King of the Synth.
More info on the Producer Vince Clarke is a living legend. A founding member of Depeche Mode writing 'New Life', 'Just Can't Get Enough', he has since gone on to form two more hugely successful bands. First Yazoo with Alison Moyet, then Erasure with Andy Bell. Yazoo produced timeless classics such as 'Only You' and 'Don't Go' and led to a successful solo career for Alison Moyet. Erasure have spent ten years at the top of the charts in the UK and around the rest of the World. Their hits have included 'A Little Respect', 'Sometimes', 'Drama!', 'Always', 'Stop!' and many more.
Review Highlights “...this CD is a must for anyone creating techno-pop tunes - or for anyone creating anything vaguely electronic-sounding with a sampler. Ambient-dance acts will love the filtered sections, rave and acid fans will love the blippy loops, Industrial bands will want the heavy kicks and sub-basses, Kraftwerk eyro-artists will use the thips, pings and electronic percussion noises, new age nuts will layer the sweeps with their guitars...Lucky Bastard is one hell of a useful CD. 9/10" - Future Music "Five Stars in every category." - Keyboard, USA "would certainly make a worthwhile addition to many peoples sample library. 8/10." - SoundUser "this CD could fulfill most analogue dreams, be they industrial, ambient, techno or just clouded, gibbering fantasies" - Music Technology
Credits Founder member of Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The Assembly, and Erasure, plus remixes for artists such as Sparks and Alison Moyet. Widely acknowledged as amongst the world's leading synthesists and songwriters.
Format Info This ReFill contains all the library's REX files, there are also NN19 programs for extremely fast access, some ReDrum kits, 50 SubTractor & 20 Malstrom patches (specially programmed by Vince) and even a few song starters.

Skip to my Loops - Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim
An essential collection from one of the UK's most successful dance remixers. A massive collection of superb loops, ranging from 84 bpm to obscenely fast. Very comprehensive selection of vocal samples, plus FX, Basses, Drum & Perc Hits, Guitar, Reggae, Flute, Sax, Brass, Synth and many more. The more you use it, the more you like it. One of our most popular libraries ever.
More info on the Producer Norman's extremely hot at the moment. His remix of Cornershop's No.1 hit 'Brimfull of Asha' has reminded many just what a talented remixer he is. Norman was a founding member of the Housemartins but has since gone on to emulate their chart success with Beats International, Freak Power, Pizza Man and more recently Fat Boy Slim. Freak Power's hit 'Tune In, Turn On, Freak Out' was adopted as the Levi's theme. Norman is also a top DJ and is known to be one of the best judges of dance music in the UK. Norman bitterly regrets giving away so much good stuff on this CD. We'll keep on asking him to do another one but don't hold your breath. If you haven't got this yet, what's keeping you? It still sounds as hot as ever. International number one singles from the No. 1 LP 'You've Come A Long Way Baby' such as 'Rockafeller Skank' and 'Praise You' have made Norman one of the hottest properties around!
Review Highlights "...another AMG masterpiece...some of the best cases of white boy utilises a reggae feel since the days of The Clash." - Mixmag Update "...a good option if you can only afford to buy one disc." - Melody Maker "This is a collection with character. 4 stars." - Sound On Sound
Credits Fatboy Slim, Pizza Man, Cornershop, Beats International, The Housemartins, James Brown, Fine Young Cannibals, Double Trouble, Betty Boo, Freak Power.
Format Info This ReFill contains all the library's REX files, there are also NN19 programs for extremely fast access, some ReDrum kits, SubTractor patches and even a few song starters.

Kleptomania! - Coldcut
Contents Loops (Drum, Percuussion, Vox, Instrumental, Hed, Hat, & FX), Fills & Rolls, Turntable FX & Stops, Scratches, Basses, Piano/Clav, Organs, Synths, Atmospheres, Guitar, Sax, Horns, Wind, Bells, Strings, Orch Hits, Stabs, Ragga, Vox Drums, Male & Female spoken, shouted & sung vocals, Crowds & Chants, Computer Vox, Hed Hits & FX, SFX, plus loads more!
More info on the Producer Coldcut have always been at the cutting edge of the UK dance scene, in fact they've probably usually been too far ahead of the trends to achieve the full measure of commercial success their talent has deserved. Their unique approach has won them recognition amongst their peers and established their credentials amongst the UK's leading dance authorities. Aside from their own records they've produced or remixed countless records, have their own record label and radio show, and are heavily involved in multimedia. They've recently returned with a new LP featuring a CD-ROM of stuff for your computer and produced a widely acclaimed 'Journeys by DJ' mix CD.
Review Highlights "Coldcut's samples are raw, wicked and packed into the terraces...the quality of the music content is very high...quite brilliant, and definitely going into my S770...this CD represents another 'must have' for any serious dance enthusiast." - SOS "...this CD is meaty...Probably the most DJ friendly thing not on vinyl." - Mixmag Update "...this library is built to be exploited...Used properly, these sounds are one of the secrets of modern dance music...pre-selected for you by four of the best ears in the business." - Music Technology "...well over 1,000 samples crammed onto this disc awaiting artful regurgitation." - Melody Maker
Credits Aside from their own successful career they produced the tracks that launched the careers of both Lisa Stansfield and Yazz. They also have their own record label, Ninja Tunes.
Format Info This ReFill contains all the library's REX files, every sample available in NN19 programs for extremely fast access and some ReDrum kits too.

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