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Here are a few of our most recent releases in case you missed them in the latest release section...

Modern Communication - ReFill
Contents The Modern Communication Refill is the first soundbank of the german trance producer "Shaun Greggan" (Red Force Recordings). It consists of 142 ready-to-use, license-free Combinator patches especially for trance, but also other electronic music styles. The sound ranges from innovative basses over heavy lead-synths to warm and playful pads. As a bonus, there are 3 more REX Break loops, 8 nifty Effect Patches and 1 JP8000 Combinator backdrop. IMPORTANT - Requires Reason V4!
Detailed list: Arpeggios - 24, Leads - 27, Low Bass - 36, Mid Bass - 17, High Bass - 3, Pads - 15, Other Synths - 13, FX-Sounds - 7, BreakLoops - 3, Effect Patches - 8, Backdrops - 1

Bass By Al Reason ReFill
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Bass by Al - Al Slavik - ReFill
Content Over 700 Bass Loops and over 100 One Shots performed by Al Slavik!
About Al Slavik: Over the years Al has played on hundreds of albums in Europe and the UK. Apart from his work as a Bass/Stickplayer he’s also an artist, composer and producer in his own right.  To find out more you can visit his website
“‘Bass by Al’ has been many years in the making. Featuring various musical styles, different Bass techniques and Chapman Stick riffs the musical material was specifically created for ONE to ensure the best result possible. For me it’s NOT about the ‘ultraclean sound’.... it’s rather the opposite! Whenever i get invited to a production, artists and producers are looking for something special and exciting, a different angle perhaps... and always something to make the music more ‘alive’. I gave it my best shot  to achieve a simular result with this library and hope that you have as much fun using ‘Bass by Al’ as i had making it. I definitely didn´t hold back ;-) “ - Al Slavik

Guitarras Atomicas - ReFill
 Features a huge collection of creative guitar samples including: Fuzz Wah, Wah Chops, Electric FX, Acoustic FX, Lo Fuzz Chops, Metal, Wah Funk Chops, Fifths & Fazes, Acoustic Lines, plus loads more clean and dirty chops, chords, notes, and much more. 
More info on the Producer Aside from working with many leading artists, both live and in the studio, Sagat has played on many popular TV ads including the Nike Prince Naseem promos. He has a growing reputation that his CD has only served to bolster. 
Review Highlights "The immediate impression of this CD is exquisitely controlled energy. Yes, the guitar is distorted, but not overly. Yes, there are rockist overtones, but they are never cliche-ridden...Sagat seems to have absorbed, not merely gleaned, style from a wide variety of influences. Top man...Every couple of years I come across an essential guitar sample CD...Technique, tone and timing are exemplary throughout, as is Lee Groves' engineering. However, it is his ability to be a true original while covering a wealth of styles that really marks out this CD. I auditioned some of Guitarras while simultaneously playing one of my own half-finished tunes I could immediately hear how well samples might work in context. So well, in fact, that I was persuaded to turn on the trusty S770. It's amazing how a few well-placed licks and rhythms can immediately bring a promising but perhaps too-sterile keyboard composition to life. Fantastico! 5 Stars." - Sound On Sound 
Credits Sagat's worked with Nigel Kennedy, Bryan Ferry, The Lilac Time, Stephen Duffy, Roachford, Wendy James and many more.

Intravenous - AudioVirus - ReFill
This special ingredient on this library are the superb human performances captured in this dance loop collection. You normally only get virtuoso, subtle performances like these on specialist drum or percussion CDs rather than CDs that are designed 100% for dance.
You also get tons of material, well over a regular CD's contents jammed into this ReFill. A truly unique library if ever there was one!
More info on the Producer AudioVirus are Miles Bould and Mike Westergaard. Miles has produced two extremely popular Cds already and Mike has been involved in producing a couple too. In this instance both take centre stage to preview their new partnership. Miles handles the performances that Mike records and distorts them in his own unique style - the results speak for themselves!
Review Highlights "Intravenous, contains variety, creativity, and the most important trait: functionality. Grooves will both soothe and startle with consistently great drumming and feel. 4.5/5" - Remix (USA)

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