Reason ReFill & REX Files - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between REX1 & REX2?
    REX1 files are mono and can't be imported back into ReCycle, they used to require you use .RCY files if you ever wanted to re-load your files. REX2 are stereo and unified all the REX formats so it can be loaded and saved from ReCycle and edited freely. REX1 files sound pretty inferior being mono but actually lots of loops are only mono or sound better mono anyway, so it's not such a big deal with some content. Both formats can be used on any REX-compatible software though so any consideration on whether or not you buy them should be based primarily simply on the stereo aspect above anything else.
  • What software reads REX files?
    In short - lots! All the major software apps such as Logic and Cubase do. GarageBand is one of the few that does not, they want to promote Apple Loops I guess ot upgrade to Logic. Lots and lots of third party software also loads REX files. Of course Reason itself reads REX files too.
  • What's the 'best' - ReFill or REX?
    Both! For Reason users you'll tend to get more from ReFills as most will include more than just REX files. However a ReFill can ONLY be used with Reason. REX files can be much more widely used which might suit you though. So you really have to weigh up how much you use Reason when deciding which format suits you best. Of course loop-only libraries are often only released as REX libraries as the ReFill format would offer no advantages.
  • How often can I expect to see new releases here?
    We plan to add new REX files and ReFills fairly regularly - probably at least one new title a month - we already have a lot of libraries we're in the process of making digital versions of and lots of new material we're busy editing. Avoid missing any new releases or special offers by joining our mailing list!
  • I'm trying to buy a gift here and very confused!?
    Relax - why not just give the musician in your life a gift coupon and let them decide and instantly download. The perfect solution to take the stress out of choosing the right gift!
  • What is ONE?
    ONE is AMG's Loop-Based virtual instrument that not only loads REX files but also Apple Loops and ACID files too, a great way to bring all your industry-standard loops together in on simply powerful plug-in. For more details please visit
  • What are ReFills?
    ReFills are packs of content for Reason that can include all the things you might need in Reason. REX files, multisamples, synth patches, songs, drum kits, etc. Only-Reason can read these wonderful 'virtual instruments'.
  • What software can read ReFills?
    Only Propellerheads' Reason can read ReFills.
  • Can you 'open up' ReFills?
  • Why are REX files smaller than the WAVs they're created from?
    REX files are sliced up WAVs with synthesized 'tails' on each slice so they don't sound so 'chopped' when played at a lower tempo. Basically the slice is taken out so there's less data required.
  • How far can you go with tempo changing with REX files?
    Less is better and typically speeding up loops tends to work better. Although it largely depends on the loop content and you can often take beats from one end of the spectrum to the other completely.
  • I didn't manage to download my order - what now?
    Please contact us using the button at the bottom of each page and we'll get onto it. Usually we'll reply quickly but please allow 24 hours in case we're asleep or something and don't panic. We'll make sure you get what you ordered one way or another, we know the net can be difficult at times!
  • How can I use these samples?
    You can use any samples you legitimately buy here commercially in your own music, but not in library music or the creation of any competitive product. If you have a copy you did not purchase you have no rights to use the samples at all. If the terms are any different in a particular product it'll be noted on it's listing.
  • Can I get a hard copy of my order?
    We can arrange this if you prefer for a small additional charge but why wait, etc. Downloading is the future!
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