A word about quality... and a bit of history!

Please don't misunderstand. These are not the latest on-trend releases that are churned out relentlessly today by the few remaining professional sample library developers left. These are many of the finest libraries from years or even decades ago that pioneered the pro sample business. Most stand the test of time because they were done over time, using the finest facilities and produced by some of the legends of the music industry. Technology moved on and making samples this way has, on that basis at least, become impossible. We stopped when it became impossible rather than compromise, repeat ourselves or make huge virtual instruments. Our model was always to make samples for musicians, using the finest in the industry. They are busy people and it was always a challenge to get them to complete a CD-sized sample library. That is the realistic limit. We feel that our libraries, the same way as much of the best music does, stands the test of time and in many ways still sets the bar that we could not and few if any have been able to reach since these sorts of projects became impossible to undertake. It's a shame because there's no doubt more that could have been done and it would certainly have been fun - but at least you can still access these libraries and use sounds that people just cannot make these days. Fashions and trends move on, but quality is timeless.

New REX libraries released

We’re delighted to announce the additional of two new sample libraries in REX format! The hugely popular Abracatabla produced by Talvin Singh and a huge library of more percussion from Pascal’s Bongo Massive in two parts - Most Wanted Beats! Please find full details, audio and downloadable demos, prices start at just $19 too.

New Download App

We are delighted to announce that we are now delivering our premium Apple Loops and GarageBand Instruments via the innovative new download app from DropSwitch. Initially it is being used in Japan but will start to be used more and more to deliver our products digitally through third parties. For details vidit the DropSwitch info page at

Beat Producer VIP Access-All-Areas!

Want tons of the highest quality loops in a virtual instrument like a super-charged Dr. REX player? Then you owe it to yourself to check out Beat Producer at

Lukecage's final chapter… Rest In Peace… Three Vols out now...

The final Lukecage sample library, a three-part collection aptly entitled ‘Rest In Peace’ is out and in a REX version here now - It’s also available in WAV and Apple Loops on too. This final collection follows his customary song kit format but with far more parts and breakdowns to make his last the most flexible he ever released. Each volume is instantly downloadable and costs just $39, other formats are $29 btw - check the listings on-line for full details and demos. RIP Lukecage...

Industrial Revolution Vols 4 & 5 out now!

With the release of two more $10 slices, Volumes 4 & 5 are both available now for instant download! Entitled Outsource and Red Machine you can now check out the demos and grab both of them if you like what you hear. Each includes all the samples in the demo track and much more. All the loops are presented in WAV, REX and Apple Loops formats.

Lukecage is 'Cleaning up the Streets' in REX!

As previously announced the REX version of the latest Lukecage release is now available for instant download!